VertiGIS Networks is a suite of products with the functionality and configurability you need to put ArcGIS Utility Network into action!

VertiGIS Networks merges professional GIS expertise with user-friendly, browser-based solutions to help businesses overcome the challenges of managing their ArcGIS Utility Network. 

What makes VertiGIS Networks stand out? 

Our web-based solutions are designed with functionality and flexibility in mind. Perform lightning-quick network traces using pre-defined trace configurations and automate customer notices for maintenance outages or other disruptions to your water network. Deploy using SaaS and on-premises options, allowing you to choose what best fits your business needs. 

Easy Integration

Our suite of products offers an efficient solution for visualizing, exploring, tracing, and editing your water network, all from the convenience of your web browser. Our system integrates seamlessly with your asset management system to automatically trigger work orders and service requests.

Reporting Templates

Generate detailed PDF reports from configurable templates and automate customer service notifications such as boil water advisories or scheduled valve closures. Our powerful search and query features allow you to easily find the exact assets you're looking for within your ArcGIS Utility Network data.

Work From Anywhere

Our powerful search and query features allow you to quickly locate specific assets within your network, while our intuitive Web and Mobile interfaces give you the freedom to work from anywhere. SaaS and on-premises options allow you to choose what best fits your business needs.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar, hosted by Esri & VertiGIS

Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network is the state-of-the-art foundation for managing your water network, but what about the apps and use cases that put that foundation to work?

In this session, we explored how ArcGIS Utility Network and VertiGIS Networks help water utilities manage common use cases and future-proof their operations.

  • Harness the benefits of Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network
  • Take advantage of a web-first approach
  • Deal with technology changes on the horizon such as the retirement of WebApp Builder
  • Edit your networks on the web
  • Generate work orders with Cityworks integration
  • Build meaningful dashboards for organization-wide visibility
  • Improve outage procedures and speed up maintenance
  • Implement a better system for notifying your customers of adverse events in the water network, such as scheduled or unscheduled maintenance
  • Modernize your locates management and reduce truck rolls

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Customer Stories

VertiGIS Networks is the perfect solution for businesses looking to take their ArcGIS Utility Network data and put it to work. Read more about how other utility professionals have been leveraging VertiGIS Networks:

Utility providers around the world are using Esri’s ArcGIS Utility Network to manage their network data. Are you ready to put your data to work? Contact us now!

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