Webinar | March 14, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT

Esri's ArcGIS® Web AppBuilder is retiring - are you ready?

Now is the time to prepare for what's next.

Join us for our upcoming webinar as we dive into the significant changes in the world of web GIS applications—and what they mean for you.

With Esri announcing the retirement of their ArcGIS® API for JavaScript 3.x and the WAB, you may be wondering what's next.


The Path Forward

At VertiGIS, we understand the importance of staying ahead of technological shifts. Our webinar will provide a roadmap for ensuring a simple, straightforward, and fast transition of current WAB apps, alongside strategy for long term maintenance and enhancement. 


What You'll Learn:

  • The Impact of Retirement: Understand the full scope of what Esri's retirement of WAB means for your current applications.
  • Strategies for Transition: Learn how to smoothly transition to a more future-proof and modern technology.
  • Valuable Tools & Solutions: Discover VertiGIS Studio Web and how it leverages Esri’s next-gen ArcGIS® Maps SDK for JavaScript, ensuring longevity for your apps.
  • Tech-Agnostic Approaches: Find out why a configuration-over-custom-code approach secures your investment and simplifies maintenance.
  • Managing Multiple Apps with Ease: Methods to reduce the burden and cost of app maintenance with shared frameworks.
  • Embracing New Technologies Gradually: Learn how adopting new tech can provide an edge and smooth the transition.

Take the first step towards securing the future of your GIS solutions. Join us in crafting a resilient web GIS strategy that stands the test of time. Be prepared, stay informed, and build apps with confidence.

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